Hiding in Plain Sight

Recognizing and addressing America’s youth mental health

The mental health of our youth is a topic that’s weighing heavily on a lot of people. We must embrace this moment, and do something about it.

A new documentary on PBS, Ken Burns’ Hiding in Plain Sight, sheds light on the youth mental health crisis and provides a look at the experiences of more than 20 young people living with mental health conditions as well as parents, teachers, friends, health care providers in their lives, and independent mental health experts.

Many people, children and adults alike, choose to stay silent about our struggles – not knowing how best to seek or offer help out of fear or embarrassment. Just as the youth in the film encourage viewers to speak up and seek support, let’s continue to normalize asking for help to show that caring for our mental health is a sign of courage.

We can be a frontline resource for each other

While it’s important not to put pressure on ourselves or others, we all have a role in supporting the mental health of those around us. Connection and mutuality are healing by nature.

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Through StrengthIn.Us, we’re working to design skills and resources with communities and organizations to be our own first response for support. That means:

  • Designing and sharing skills-based training
  • Collaborating with communities to implement programs
  • Building partnerships across sectors and communities
  • Listening to and learning from our partners
  • Collecting, distilling and sharing leading research
  • Advocating for what’s possible