Who we are

Creating a culture that promotes the strength in all of us

StrengthIn.Us can strengthen us

We design skills-based training with communities to strengthen the ability to support common mental health needs — when, where, and how it works for them.

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Where we started

In early 2021, Well Being Trust initiated a partnership with Harvard Medical School to develop a national plan for scaling up community-based models of care that enable and empower individuals in communities to learn how to prevent and respond in a timely and effective manner to mental health and substance use concerns.

In the spring of 2022, StrengthIn.Us was launched and several community partners have joined this effort to build a new type of mental health workforce in communities throughout the United States.

Community defined and designed

  • We collect and distill the leading research and translate it into adaptive, accessible, scalable programs
  • We share and normalize ways everyone can respond and take helpful action in the moment to support common mental health needs
  • We collaborate with communities of all forms to implement basic mental health programs in the most authentic, most effective way for them
  • We listen to and learn from our partners to improve our support and grow from their learnings
  • We build partnerships across sectors and communities and advocate for what’s possible together

We’re in beta
Let’s collaborate

We’re learning alongside our pilot partners. We need your help to design, refine, and pioneer this program.